Nic Roets

326 Edna Street, Lynnwood Park, Pretoria, 0081, South Africa
Tel. +27-83-7659503, E-mail nic dot roets at rational dot co dot za

Date of Birth

June 7, 1976


Own Employment (1999 - current) 
Trade equities, warrants and futures on the JSE Securities Exchange.

Design and implement software to correct communications errors on Windows NT and Linux. Write Linux kernel driver for bus mastering device. Write software to manipulate MPEG-1 system streams. 
Design databases and implement Web interfaces to them under Linux. 
Implement embedded software.

Geographical Electronical And Optical Systems 
Computer programmer (1993 - 1997) 
Responsible for a digital signal processor (DSP) based modem through its complete life cycle, starting with proposals to the client, design, implementation, integration with hardware design, acceptance testing, performance measurement, and ending with a presentation on maintaining the software. 
Contract work programming in C, C++, Pascal (Delphi) and assembly language. Creation and maintenance of user interfaces with X11 and Motif under Linux and HP-UX, and with Windows 95. Development of RS232 protocol drivers under DOS and Windows 95.


University of Pretoria, Pretoria 0002, South Africa (1995 - 1998) 
B.Sc. Honours (Applied Mathematics) degree with distinction (1998). 
Award for the best student in mathematics at honours level (1998). 
B.Sc. (Computational Mathematics) degree with distinction (1995-1997). 
Certificate for outstanding undergraduate academic achievement in the 
faculty of science from the vice-chancellor and principal. 
Award for the best third year student in mathematics (1997). 
Award for the best second year student in mathematics (1996). 
Certificate for outstanding academic achievement from the dean (1995). 
Passed 44 modules, 42 with distinction.

High school (1990 to 1994) : 
Passed 8 subjects in final year, 6 with distinction.


Programming challenges ( http://www.spoj.pl/ranks/users/ZA/ ) and mathematical problems ( http://projecteuler.net ).

Author of free software:


South African.